Serbian group for primary immunodeficiencies (SGPI) is non profit, non government organization with the aim to achieve common interests of its members as well as common goals in the field of diagnostics and treatment of primary immunodeficiencies.



Achievement of full scale quality of life and maximal life potentials in every patient suffering of primary immunodeficiency diseases (PID) in Republic of Serbia.



 To provide the up to date diagnostics, care and treatment of both children and adults suffering of PID.

SGPI is striving to provide equal accessibility to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for every patient suffering of PID, throughout the whole territory of Serbia, no matter the residence.

In order to achieve it goals, SGPI will try to provide close connections and cooperation between experts and centers involved in management of PID patients throughout the whole territory of Serbia

SGPI has the aim to improve broad education all health care workers involved or interested in the management of PID no matter the size and significance of the center in whish they are working.


Activities of SGPI:

 Improvement of awareness and information about PID among health care workers trough:

    • Public propaganda, interviews and thematic tv shows
    • Issuing the publications, organizing meetings, seminars, and continuing education summits as well as through the on-line education platforms.
    • Creation and implementation of Serbian registry of patients with PID.


  • Improvement of screening and diagnostic techniques for PID in Serbia.
    • Unification and standardization of routine immunological procedures on the whole territory of Serbia
    • Implementation of genetic tests in the national certified laboratory
    • Actions towards Republic health care insurance fund and the Ministry of Health (in order to digitalize and simplify the necessary bureaucratic procedures)


  • Measures for improvement of patients with PID
    • Closer professional connections among different medical centers and practitioners
    • Unification of availability and quality of therapies on the national level.
    • Creating and implementing national guidelines for diagnostic nad treatment of PID.


Members of SGPI are aware that given tasks are ambitious and demanding. Achievement of those goals, more often will imply considerable financial support. Nevertheless our efforts could be fruitfull only if they receive acceptance and understanding from the broad professional and public community.

SGPI is expressing gratitude to its members to all health care workers, patients suffering of PID and their family members for their support in the future efforts in achievement of the given goals.


In Niš, December 2018.


Prof dr Goran Marjanović