Dear colleagues

We are pleased to announce the first meeting of Serbian Group for Primary Immunodeficinecies will be held on April 24th in Belgrade in Magna Medica venue (Militina Milankovića7b)

We are inviting all present and future members of the society as well as all physicians involved in the management of PID patients to join this meeting.

The meeting program

12h -12h i 10  Introduction and Greetings from the host Ivana ivkov Magna Medica Beograd

12h i 10-12h i 25 SGPI society and PID registry Prof dr Marjanović Goran: Klinika za hematologiji i kl imunologiju KC Niš

12h i 25- 12h i 40 The most significant breakthroughs in PID diagnostics and therapy- news from the 18th biennial ESID meeting in Lisabon Prof dr Pašić Srđan Institut za majku i dete „Vukan Čupić“ Beograd

12h i 40-13h Clinical phenotypes of primary humoral immunodeficiencies: prognostic and therapeutic significance Prof dr Bonači-Nikolić Branka  Klinika za Alergologiju i imunologiju KC Srbije

13h 13 i 45 Practical work with registry-demonstration